Protect Your Retirement with a Tax-Free Pension Alternative

How To Protect Your Retirement with a Tax-Free Pension Alternative

Retirement Strategies: The Tax-Free Pension Alternative

You can protect your retirement with a tax-free pension alternative. With almost $18 trillion in debt and $118 trillion in unfunded liabilities for Social Security, Medicare and Prescription Drugs can you count on Social Security? Can you afford stock market losses?

What if you could generate a tax-free income for life with no downside risk? Watch this video.
Learn how you can eliminate Tax-Traps and kick your future retirement up a few levels … where the money is staggering and lifestyle options are mind blowing.

IRAs, 401(k)s and 403(b) retirement plans are heavily taxed and could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. So, skip the 401(k) herd mentality leading you to a tax slaughter. Discover an under the radar, little known IRS Strategy used by America’s wealthiest families to cut taxes and preserve capital.

The tax-free pension alternative works. It is also known as a tax-free IUL or living benefit life insurance. This tax-free retirement plan has been called the perfect retirement solution.

• You don’t lose money when the markets go down, so you are never digging out of an investment hole!
• You Share in Market Upside when Markets go up, up to a cap rate currently 13.0% to 16.0%!
• You’ll Earn Reasonable Rates of Return!
• Your Gains are locked in annually, so you never give back profits already earned!
• Tax-Free Penalty Free Withdrawals at any age, the ultimate tax shelter!
• You can generate a Tax-Free Income You Won’t Outlive!

So, not only do you eliminate taxes you also get rid of yo-yo volatility and stock market losses once and for all. Plus, with this tax-free pension alternative, you decide how much and when to withdraw your money. Not the Government! There are no required minimum distributions (RMDs).

Pause the video and examine the two illustrations. It is a powerful, flexible catch up strategy if you have not put enough away for retirement.
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